Why You Should Get a CompTIA A+ Certification

A guy browsing through his mailbox on a computer

The CompTIA or Computer Technology Industry Association is a recognized certification body in the IT industry. Having a CompTIA A+ certification validates your basic vendor-neutral skills as a computer technician. It means your knowledge of computer hardware and software meet the requirements for an entry-level position. CertBlaster explains that if you intend to take an A+ certification, you should take an A+ practice test to help you prepare.

Who Can Take the A+ Certification Exam

Anyone can take the exam. There is no prerequisite. You can take the exam even if you have zero knowledge about computers. Of course, having basic skills will help.

If you want a job as an IT support technician, remote support technician, depot maintenance technician, then the certification is for you. It is also ideal for you if you want to learn about IT technology.

Why Take the A+ Certification Exam

If you want to be part of the IT industry but haven’t decided which particular specialization, A+ is a good first step. It will help you start a career in the IT industry.  It will help you understand troubleshooting, networking and security across all kinds of platforms.

For many companies, they only trust those candidates with an A+ Certification. As countries continue to adopt mobile and cloud technology, employees with such a certification have a significant advantage over other candidates.

Prospective employers are looking for employees with the right skills and knowledge suitable for various entry-level positions. Having an A+ certification will help you become a candidate for entry-level IT positions. Once you get the job, you can then work your way towards a more rewarding career in computer networking or engineering. Regardless of the path you choose, your A+ certification will prepare you to handle bigger tasks in the future.

As mentioned, you can take the A+ certification exam even if you have little to no knowledge about computers. What is important is that you prepare for the exam with an A+ practice test.