Why You Should Become a Skincare Specialist Now

Dermatologist With Her Patient

As the number of people exposed to skin care awareness continues to increase, it’s safe to say that there’s no stopping the growth of products and treatments designed to help consumers maintain and improve the health of their skin. In fact, experts forecast that come 2019, the skin care industry will reach an impressive value of $131 billion.

This alone should already prompt inpiduals out there wanting to become part of the skin care industry to pursue their dreams. With the availability of skincare specialist classes in Orem, Utah, learning organizations such as the Skin Science Institute recommends students to take the first step to realize their beauty industry goals.

Industry growth means extremely promising job outlook.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Utah has become the country’s fastest-growing state. With its population estimated to rise steadily over the next several years, this opens up numerous job vacancies for various industries. Since skin care treatments remain some of the most sought-after health and fitness services out there, it only follows that professionals practicing this field have more work opportunities.

Well-paying career

Compared with other health care professions, such as nursing assistants, personal care aides, and home health aides, skincare specialists make more. In 2016, the annual median pay of estheticians amounted to $30,270.

This doesn’t apply to those who own and operate their salons. The fact that you can set up your facility, and that you have the chance to become your boss in a continuously growing industry is another great reason for you to consider taking those classes now.

Long-lasting satisfaction

Unlike a lot of other industries, skin care – which falls under health and fitness – is something that people will always need and seek. In other words, as long as there are patients, then the need for estheticians will remain.

It also doesn’t hurt that helping people feel and become their best gives you ultimate satisfaction. So give yourself a chance to prosper in this industry. The sooner you enroll in a program, the faster you will reach your career goals.