Why Take a Hospitality Management Program

Hospitality School
With the growing number of opportunities for an individual with a degree in hospitality management, more students get interested in taking this program at James Cook University Singapore. Graduates of this degree can land some of the most in-demand jobs today.

The Different Hospitality Management Degrees

The Associate-level degrees provide a student with more specialized programs like Associate of Science in Hospitality Management wherein students are prepared for a travel career. They take certain coursework and internships with airlines and travel agencies. This enables a student’s academic learning to put into practice.

Another type is a Bachelor’s Degree, which is designed to allow students take courses specializing in managerial roles. And while you can pursue a full degree in hospitality management, there are also short courses being offered to those just want to round out their skills through certificate programs.

Opportunities for Hospitality Management Graduates

As countries try to promote tourism all over the world, a huge part of its workforce encompasses professionals with a hospitality management background. When we hear hospitality, the first thing that comes to our mind is someone who works in a hotel. But it actually covers the people working in airlines, recreations, attractions, entertainment and those who are skilled in offering quality service to make customers feel welcomed and at ease.

Some of the jobs that are relevant to a hospitality management graduate include event organizers, restaurant managers, hotel managers and tour managers. While the scope of work possibilities is not only limited to these jobs because they can also work in areas of marketing, sales and secretarial roles.

So is the hospitality industry the place where you want to be? If you decide to take this course, remember to always put your chin up and smile! You are about to choose a career with the most fulfilling job of serving people and to work with the friendliest professionals!