Why Getting a Doula Matters Even If You’ve Already Found a Doctor

A pregnant woman having a massage

Doulas, also known as a birth coach or a birth companion, are non-medical practitioners who provide physical and emotional support to pregnant women throughout the labor and delivery process. Although giving birth possible with just an excellent doctor on your side, having a doula makes a positive difference in the childbirth experience. The following reasons might convince you:

Doulas Make Breastfeeding Easier

Some boutique midwifery practices, such as wasatchmidwifery.com, go beyond offering birth assistance and provide mothers with the needed education and support for breastfeeding. Hence, having a doula when you’re struggling with birth pains and new-mother duties makes things easy, especially if the people around you don’t support the idea of breastfeeding. A University of Massachusetts Medical School professor, Dr. Bruce A. Meyer, says that mothers nurtured through labor, birth, and early postpartum period can care and nurture their baby, ensuring successful breastfeeding.

Birth Companions Help You Go Through a Hassle-free Childbirth

A study by Case Western Reserve University reports that getting a doula may minimize the likelihood of medical interventions like a C-section or an epidural. The study found that very few births under constant doula support had Caesarian deliveries. Also, fewer mothers developed fever, and few births needed Pitocin or epidural analgesia.

Birth Coaches Offer Support to Your Partner

Pregnant women are not the only individuals that need support during a critical time such as a childbirth. Doulas also attend to spouses who may be at their wits’ end during the lengthy and daunting hours of labor. They relieve some of the exhaustion or anxiety that the woman’s partner may feel. They also serve as a backup just in case the spouse needs to rest.

Having a doula at your side makes breastfeeding easier, ensures a smoother childbirth, and provides support to your partner. With these benefits, having a caring and trustworthy labor assistant who will be with you in your most difficult time is worth it.