Which are the Best Guitars for Beginners?

Man playing the guitar

Your body shape, hand size, posture, finger thickness, practice space, and music preference all influence the type of guitar that you should purchase. Unlike what many people think, there is no one-size-fits-all as far as guitars are concerned. For you to ensure quick learning during your lessons, guitar experts from The Piano Place say you must get your first guitar right. Since they differ in size, playability, sound and other factors, you need to establish what works for you.

Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Also known as acoustic guitar, the steel string is particularly preferred due to its versatility. Additionally, it is considered much louder and brighter in comparison to other metal strings. This guitar can be used to play rock, jazz, and folk, all in one. As such, if you are not sure which edge you want to take, this guitar is a good starting point since it has it all.

Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

A majority of people start their guitar careers and lessons with the nylon string, also known as the classical guitar. They are preferred because of their wide fret, which provides ample space for your inexperienced fingers. Additionally, they are affordable, and the nylon is easy to handle with your aching fingertips. Once you are done learning, you may want to explore supermodels.

Electric Guitar

These guitars are much easier to play in comparison to the nylon and steel string, thanks to their low string action. They have a narrow fret board hence you need to watch out not to mute some strings. It allows for precise fingering of the guitar once your skill level surges. That means you will not feel the need for a new guitar to soon in comparison to the above options.

Unfortunately, a majority of people are always tempted to spend as little as possible on their first guitar. However, budget guitars have a high action—the space between the fret board and the string, which makes playing hard for novice players. As such, go for a moderately priced and functional guitar.

Electric Guitar