Where are the Best Places for a Memorial Day Vacation in 2018?

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You may have already crossed the Memorial Day weekend on your calendar, yet the place for a vacation remains undecided due to the associated costs.

If you plan to spend your summer in Illinois, some entertainment centers in Edwardsville such as Edison’s Entertainment Complex offer laser tag, bowling and other recreational activities. This is perfect for families that want to do something together without boring their children, especially teenagers.

Cheap Hotel Rates

Chicago’s diverse attractions for tourists and locals led it to be the best city for a Memorial Day weekend. Despite the influx of tourists, average hotel rates in the city are now cheaper by 20% compared to the same time in 2017.

Hence, even a last-minute booking may be affordable for those that want to explore the state starting from Chicago. Other cheap places for a hotel stay include rates in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where some average rooms now cost 35% lower or even more when you snag a great deal.

Party Planning

Those who prefer to spend their weekend away from bustling crowds can plan a party of their own. You can choose to rent an event hall, particularly for someone who will celebrate his or her birthday during the holiday weekend.

If money is not an option, a boat party can be another great way to pass the time. Whether at a lake or sea, renting a boat lets you enjoy nature and spend time with family and friends at the same time. On the other hand, a staycation shouldn’t have to be boring when you plan a barbeque party.


The Memorial Day weekend signals the start of the summer period. While there are many things to do and places to see, a vacation shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. Where do you plan to spend the upcoming summer holidays for this year?