Wheelchair for Kids: Know your Options

Father accompanying son in a wheelchair

Similar to any mobility chair purchase, selecting the right pediatric wheelchair always requires careful selection. Parents want their kids to move around with ease, which is why they partner with doctors and therapists to ensure the chair meets their needs.

Compared to previous decades, there are now more options available in the market. Different styles, colours, and functionalities make it easier for parents to select the right one for their child. But how do you pick the right one?

What does your child need?

Akira Wheelchair Services, a specialist in wheelchair repairs, kids will always have growth and adjustment needs. For this reason, it’s important to assess your child’s size, physical abilities, and health condition too. Knowing what they need gives you an idea of what the chair should have: should it come with adjustable wheels or other helpful features?

The wheelchair should also have a feature that helps your child climb stairs, move through rocky playgrounds, or stand in position.

The overall appeal

Kids using wheelchairs consider these mobile devices as an extension of themselves. Since it’s part of their daily lives, considering the chair’s features, fit, and comfort should be a top priority.

Apart from the cushion options, the user should also be comfortable with the chair’s style and colour. These factors contribute to the child’s sense of style, image, and personality. Young users would like something more colourful and fun, while older kids may like a simpler style.

Self-propel or push?

Whether the child will require pushing or can move independently depends on the type and height of the wheels and the weight of the chair. For younger children, the frame should allow larger wheels to be placed closer to the front, which makes it easier for smaller arms to reach.

If you are pushing for the child, consider your height and where you will push.

The right chair makes a big difference in your child’s disability. Choose the right one to improve their life quality.