What’s Next in Business Technology?

Tele ConferenceIt’s easy to say that business and technology will always have a link, whether it’s business selling new technology or technology improving how business is done. The only question that people need to ask is which direction these two partners will march moving forward.

If it were any other age, people would need to adopt a wait-and-see attitude to arrive at an appropriate answer. Fortunately, industry specialists can take some clues from the recent developments in technology and how people are using it to draw a hypothesis that can come close to future reality.

Space is Nothing

Top South African IT company Internet Solutions notes that the most utilised pieces of technology is in communication, as people constantly need to keep in touch to function in a fast paced society. So, the next leap in technological improvement should be within the industry. But, what else can people accomplish in this regard, considering all the things people can already do?

People can contact someone on the other side of the globe with little difficulty, and even send each other pictures and videos, but those only involve voices and pre-recorded material. The next step is allowing people to talk face to face, regardless of where the parties actually are. Incorporating visuals into a digital conversation is already possible to a certain extent, but all current methods require both parties to stand in one place.

You’re Here…Wait

As hologram technology is already possible, the next step is to minimise the technology so that it can be portable and reach a larger audience. Making holograms easier to record and project will be the first thing engineers need to do to make the technology practical for market use, similar to what Apple did with the smartphone.

The improvements don’t all have to come from hardware, though. Programming the right software to allow projectors cast light in measured lengths to create a three dimensional image without a surface isn’t easy. It involves instantly measuring the subject of the image by pixels, and then translating that into moving image set.

The technology and expertise needed to pull this off may be at least a decade away. Nevertheless, that’s just time; the market can wait through it if the people responsible for its development apply themselves.

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