What Your Jewellery Choice Says About You

Jewellery Anything that you wear has something to do with your personality — be it your clothes, shoes or accessories. They all reflect who you are. But, do you know that your jewellery reveals your personality as well?

Jewelcast.co.uk and other jewellery suppliers list some thoughts about what your choice of jewellery says about you:

Large and Circular

Fondness for anything circular or rounded, like a large round necklace or earrings, is an indication of open-mindedness. It means you always look forward to new things; you are adventurous and you welcome new experiences with confidence.

Shiny and Sparkling

If you choose to wear shiny and sparkling pieces of jewellery, you exude confidence and comfort about your body, skin tone and personality. You love who you are and you are proud of yourself.

Traditional Pieces

If you go for elegant pieces or the traditional ones, you may be someone who has a strong personality. You have a classic style and taste and you are more likely to pick a designer jewellery and spend more than purchase a trendy one that costs less.

Matched Set

A matching set of earrings and rings or bracelet and necklace is an indication of being an organised person. A person like you is responsible and neat. You want everything done perfectly and accomplished as planned.

Jewellery from a Loved One

If you prefer to wear jewellery from a loved one, it may indicate that you are a loving person. It could be a gift from a family member or a piece handed down from generation to generation. You value the gift because of its connection to your family. The gift reflects your close family ties bonded with love and happiness through the years.

A piece of jewellery can make a difference in your style and personality. You can match it with your outfit or simply wear one to make a statement. Whatever choice you make, make sure you buy only from trusted and legitimate jewellery manufacturers and you will never go wrong.