What You Should Know When Renting Tents

Open Space Party Tent

Party tents are important, as they play a major role when you have a party outdoors. They can keep the sun, wind, and rain out. To maximize the benefits, you must consider a variety of factors before renting a suitable tent for your party needs.

Here are some of them:

Types of Tent Rentals

When you start looking for tent rentals in Minneapolis, MN, you should realize that there are many types of tents. These include conventional pole tents, high peak tents, and frame tents. Each of these tents comes with a variety of features that are perfect for different occasions and celebrations. Traditional pole tents are ideal for special celebrations, although they are also used during natural disasters.

High peak tents are normally used for wedding receptions while frame tents are perfect for smaller areas. Before renting the tents and other party essentials, you must determine the type of tent that will be ideal for the celebration you have planned.

City Permits

Many cities and towns will require that you get a permit from the local authorities, before you put up your tent for the planned party. This is very important when you wish to have a large party. One of the reasons for this permit is to prove that your party venue meets the required fire safety standards. You can visit the fire department in your locality and request their representative to visit the venue and assess if it meets the specified requirements.

Flame Certificates

The company renting out the tents will issue a certificate stating that the fabric used to make the tent is flame resistant. The certificate should state that the tent and the attachments meet the certified fire codes. If they cannot give you such documents, you should move to another credible company that offers the required certifications.

Extreme Weather Provisions

Other than the factors discussed above, you have to make provision for extreme weather conditions. Tents are temporary structures and are not safe in bad weather. So, you should consider having an alternate venue and an emergency evacuation plan in place. It is also advisable to get waterproof or water-resistant tents, depending on your venue.

Talk to a reputed tent rental company and professionals who have the experience, resources, and talent to meet your needs and ensure positive results.