What Happens at the Dentist in Kings Hill?

Dentist and assistant looking at patient's teeth

Chances are, most adults in the UK will have been to the dentist at least once in their life. As childhood dentistry is covered by the NHS, most will have been for regular check-ups until age 18.

However, as adults, not everyone is as diligent at getting to the dentist in Kings Hill. Around half of UK adults admit to not having seen a dentist in the past 2 years. As with any profession in the 21st century, dentistry is constantly changing due to technological advances and the development of new techniques. So, for the patient who hasn’t been to their local surgery for a few years, such as One Smile Oral Care, may be surprised at what they find.

One noticeable difference at today’s dentist in Kings Hill compared to even a few years ago is how good they look. Out are the uncomfortable high-backed chairs and bare, clinical walls. In are comfy sofas, flat screen TVs and refreshments.

The dentists are different too. There has been a huge mindset shift among the medical professional in the last decade or so, and the dentist in Kings Hill these days is more likely to see their patient as a partner in creating good oral health, than someone they need to fix. Dentists today are friendly, approachable and ready to listen. They recognise how common it is for patients to feel nerves before sitting in the dentist’s chair and do all they can to allay fears and put patients at ease.

And now more than ever, the focus of dental care is on prevention, and on encouraging the patient to participate in their own well-being. That’s why at the check-up at the dentist in Kings Hill, the patient will not only get their teeth cleaned and examined, but they will also receive nutritional and lifestyle advice, support to make changes and tips on brushing techniques.

It’s now possible to offer pain-free injections, crowns made on the day and braces that can’t be seen. And the reason for these innovations is that the 21st century dentist in Kings Hill is, above all, patient-focused, and wants to create an easy and even enjoyable experience for those in their care.