Weigh-In May Give Daniel Cormier “Overwhelming Sadness”

UFC Heavyweight may get very depressed when he weighs-in for his co-main event bout against Patrick Cummins at UFC 170.

Cormier Cried

Daniel CormierCummins first unearthed the story when he said he made Cormier cry during wrestling training ten years ago. But Cormier clarified that what made him cry then was the pressure of training for the Olympics and not Cummins himself. Cormier wanted to go another round after losing to Cummins, but was stopped by the coach who told him it was over, and that he had just lost the medal.

The anguish Cormier describes was enough for him to break down even though it was just a mental exercise.

Missed Opportunity

The weigh-in, however, will tap into those emotions once again as memories of his disqualification from the Olympics will surface when he steps on the scale.

Cormier will be fighting in the same weight he did in the Olympic wrestling team. Cormier made weight then, but the drastic weight cut shut his kidneys down, forcing him to forfeit. This time Cormier trained for seven months to cut weight the right way, and the missed opportunity for Olympic glory may haunt him on the scales.