Ways to Tell if You’re Skinny Fat

a skinny woman eating dinner with a plate of dessert

Some think that fatness is just visual or about numbers on a weighing scale. Some may not realize it, but they are skinny fat, which is just as unhealthy as a person who is overweight. Determining if you fall in this category allows you to make lifestyle changes that improve your overall health.

An expert from MUV fitness here in Columbia, SC cites the following indicators you may be skinny fat.

Push-Ups are Difficult or Impossible to Do

A skinny person may still have a high percentage of fat, even if they do not look like it. They may not have enough lean muscle mass to perform certain activities such as push-ups. Inactivity may lead to unhealthy lifestyles such as overeating or eating the wrong types of food.

When someone does not look out of shape, he or she tends to lose motivation to exercise. If you cannot do a push-up or at least hit the minimum number of repetitions a healthy person can, it is time to hit the gym and focus on strength training to gain lean muscle mass.

Poor Diet

Some people can eat as much junk and processed food and still not gain enough weight to reach the overweight category. Some count their calories intake but still eat a lot of food that contains high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates instead of vegetables and fruits.

In both cases, a person may look skinny but is actually unhealthy. Overeating fat and sugar, and not enough actual protein, vitamins and fiber, damages the organs and increases the risk for deadly diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Family History

If someone in your immediate family has or had heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, you have a high percentage of getting these as well. Maintaining a normal weight may reduce risk, but doing it by fasting and still eating poorly is unhealthy ways to stay skinny.

Looks can be deceiving, you may be at a normal weight, but unhealthy. You will need a holistic approach to wellness and health if you want to get out of the skinny fat category. Start exercising and eating right to achieve your fitness goals.