Ways to Help Seniors Age Independently

Senior CoupleThe number of American seniors is increasing, expected to reach approximately 70 million by 2030. Many of them are using assistance and medical devices to enable them to live independently. Helping your parents or grandparents to take care of themselves despite their advanced age enables them to enjoy their golden years, says an expert from Legacyretire.com.

You have options when it comes to helping your loved ones achieve this.

Assisted Living

A retirement home that provides independent living in Utah cites that an option to seriously consider is hiring an assistant for your elderly loved ones. This person doesn’t have to live in your parents’ home, he or she can visit at certain times of the week. These trained caregivers provide your loved ones with enough room to remain responsible for certain things such as putting their clothes on, doing some chores, preparing food and others that don’t require help. Some have the training and certification to administer medication, perform physical therapy, treat injuries, first aid and others.


Medical advancements have made it easier to identify diseases and treat them as soon as possible. In the same way that technology has made it easier for seniors to live independently. A personal medical alert system allows your parents or grandparents to call help immediately when they need quick medical attention. You also have the option to set up a video monitoring system to keep an eye on your elderly loved ones, when you can’t be with them. Smartphone apps have also made it easier for seniors to keep track of appointments, when to take medication and remind them of daily tasks.

Home Redesigning

Redesigning your elderly loved ones’ home is another way of enabling them to live independently. Make it easier for them to climb stairs, use the toilet and bath, prepare food and others. Simplifying the floor plan allows them to reach certain parts of their house easily.

Enabling your elderly loved ones to live independently improves their quality of life despite their advanced age.