Variety During the Holidays: Is There Anything Else Aside from Lights and Décor?

Lights and Décor

Lights and DécorWhether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza, adding variety to your holiday celebration always presents a challenge. Looking at your neighbors, you can already tell that the common holiday tropes are so overused now.

Of course, there’s no problem jumping in the holiday bandwagon, but we all want to make our celebration truly special. So why not add some color this holiday season with holi color powder?

Holi-Day Celebration

Pun aside, the use of holi color powder has gone well beyond its origins from India’s Holi spring festival. You might have seen this in the news or even in your local area once or twice – a rather festive celebration characterized by frolicking and fighting; the color powder being the main ‘weapon’ during the fighting. It’s all in good fun though, and the holi color powder itself, despite its symbolism, now pretty much characterizes the celebration.

Celebrations are more fun with holi color powder. Most powders now come in a wide variety of colors, and arguably the most popular this holiday season is the red, green, and maybe yellow. You can use it for a rousing after-dinner game of dodge ball (with colors of course) or to wrap up an evening with a literal explosion of color.

Colorful Holidays

Ever wanted to dye your hair Christmas colors, but only for the holiday season? You’d be surprised how effective holi color powder is as coloring for your hair. The best part is that you can wash it off instantly after you’re done with the festivities.

If you’re worried about the potential effects of the color powder on your skin and the environment, know that most holi color powder used today are synthetic and undergo a strict process to ensure that it’s safe to use.  Many top-of-the-line powders, for example, are made with non-toxic and non-rash inducing corn starch, which is a ‘natural’ alternative to the relatively new ones that are made of powdered dye.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to wrap up your holiday celebration, consider adding a bit of color with holi color powder. Nothing says ‘festive’ more than a burst of color thrown from your palm.