Unconventional Sports That Are Making It Big – or Making Us Laugh

someone touching the grass

Every day, people find a way to make a difference in the world – for better, for worse, or for entertainment.

Even in the world of sports that is anchored on traditions (such as the Olympics), people get creative. The international sporting event has added some unconventional sports that no one thought a national sports channel would pick up. And there are some that are just plain bizarre and, well, hilarious. The following games are (thankfully!) not part of the Olympics but people are playing them today.


Cornholes started as a pastime lawn game, in which players take turns throwing a bag filled with cornfeed into a hole. It’s almost similar to horseshoes or quoits, and no one is quite sure where the game originated. Some say the game was invented by Germans in the 14th century or the Kentucky farmers of the 1800s.

Either way, the game is now a recognized sport in the US, regulated by organizations such as the American Cornhole Association and the American Cornhole League. The sport even has official and unofficial rules, which Cornhole Worldwide has to comply with.

The sport has become so popular in 2017, that it’s fast becoming a hit TV sport globally.

Drone Racing

You’d think drones are used only by the military and Hollywood, but think again. Today, the prevalence of drones is seen even in the world of sports. Like cornhole, drone racing is a televised sport nationwide and regulated by national and international associations like the Drone Championship Leagues (DCL) and the International Drone Racing Association.

What exactly happens in a drone race? According to the DCL, the challenge of the race is to “master a course with your own quadrocopter, which offers chicanes from different natural and artificial obstacles.” The race comes in different formats including a time trial race, a drag race, and rotor-cross. The prize for winning a drone race can reach as much as one million dollars.

Chess Boxing

It’s not a question of brains or brawns – it’s more of brains and brawns. In this sport, smart is the new macho, and macho is the new smart. But, to be the champion, you have to be both.

The match consists of 11 rounds, broken down into six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing, played alternately. Each boxing round lasts for three minutes, and both have nine minutes each on the chess clock. The winner is determined by a knockout, a checkmate, or a judge’s decision.

Cheese Rolling

How far would you go for a wheel of cheese? For residents of Gloucestershire in the UK, it’s worth rolling down a hill. The “extreme sport” is both odd and funny, but once you hear that it has been around for over a hundred years, you’d be all the more surprised.

How does this work? A wheel of cheese is thrown down a hill, and a group of people chase it. it’s that simple. The winner gets…the cheese. Those who came second or third receive £10.

However, because of the many injuries sustained by participants over the years, the government banned the contest. Despite this, the sport is still being played in some places and many still participate.

People never run out of ideas to break the norm and create something new. In the field of sports, basketball, baseball, and football are old news. With a bunch of critical-thinking boxers, chess players with a strong left hook, and runners whose gold are edible, today’s sporting events make the world a happier place.