The Ultimate Link-Building Strategies You Should Always Keep in Mind

Since Google Penguin first hit in 2012, it has become difficult for business owners to determine which link building strategies are still safe. Businesses are more watchful about link building now, because Google is trying to find more ways to push down websites that unnaturally increase their rankings.

page rankDespite the algorithm updates, businesses still need links, as these are still a very strong factor for organic rankings. Here are some link-building concepts you should always keep in mind to prevent Google from hunting you down.

Increase Your Readership Levels

The publish button is your best friend, but if you publish content with only three readers, it would most likely just be junk. This means you should build your audience instead of concentrating all your efforts to building links. Having hundreds of thousands of subscribers is the ultimate position you want to build into.

Avoid SEO Hints in Articles

Make everything natural. That’s the key. It may be difficult for Google to determine whether a link is natural or built, but they have the data and the people to see the hints. Avoid the terms “paid”, “sponsored”, or “featured” in the content, title, or URL. A digital marketing expert may help you come up with natural content, so consider hiring one.

Include Data-Driven Assets

To make your content newsworthy and attractive to the media, you need facts. Include analytics, statistics, and surveys to make your content heavier on research. This data has value in itself as long-term assets. Your content will be more shareable, and it will most likely become a natural link target.

Try Something New

Avoid following the same thing that has worked for you in the past — or else, you may lose that element of creativity. You need to try something new and be creative to stand out. But if you are doing it for the first time, you need to face the fact that you may fail. Obviously, it will be difficult to tell whether a specific content is going to be viral. You just have to learn from that mistake.

Coming up with link building strategies is a growing process. You need to be flexible, and you need to find out whether what you’ve been doing for link building still works — because the search engines are always evolvin

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