Types of Records Used By Private Investigators in Finding Missing Persons

private investigator in the dark

Various circumstances might separate you from your loved ones. These include adoptions, marriage, travel, jobs, and unfortunate events. Several reasons, including financial, medical, or personal ones might motivate you to search for a missing person.

Whatever your reasons, finding missing persons in Auckland might be a challenge without the right assistance. Hiring a private investigator (PI) significantly boosts your odds of locating the person you are looking for. Here are some of the records that might assist the PI in finding your loved one:

State Records

States issue a licence for some occupations, including medical professionals, plumbers, accountants and architects. If your loved one is a licensed professional, the PI might start there. Other state records that might help in locating a loved one include divorce, birth, bankruptcy and other records.

Federal Records

These are very tedious records to assess and require specific requests to federal information agencies. The replies might also take a long time, but with the right PI, you are assured of fast-tracking the responses. The federal records that might assist in locating a missing person include military records, IRS filings, and federal aviation administration and post office records.

Public Records

There are multiple public records you can use in your search for a missing person. Not all of them, however, will be helpful. Having a PI who understands your situation and gets the right public records is important. Tax, criminal, civil court, business and real estate listings are some of the records that will help make some headway in locating your loved one.

There is no guarantee that the person you are looking for will receive or accept you with open arms. This delicate situation calls for professionalism. A private investigation makes the first step in contacting the person and explaining the situation. This mellows apprehension and makes your first meeting as smooth as possible.