Types of Brake Maintenance Services

Mechanic working on car brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes are arguably its most essential safety component. Keeping them in optimal working condition at all times is hence vital. You don’t need to wait for your brakes to give you warning signs before having a mechanic take a look. This compromises your safety and is typically costly.
The automotive team at Shadetree Automotive shares that there are various brake maintenance services included in a routine service, including brake check-up. These services address various crucial components of your car’s brake system. Here are the categories of brake maintenance services.

Brake Fluid Checks

Most vehicle braking systems are hydraulic. This means that any force you apply on your brake pedal is transmitted through brake fluid to put pressure on your brakes. Your brake fluid needs changing after every 1-2 years depending on how often you brake and the road you use. A brake fluid check also ascertains the fluid’s level since any leaks might cause your braking system to fail.

Brake Pad Service

Brake pads typically last for 30000-70000 miles depending on your car’s model. Using your brake pads until they wear out to about an eighth of an inch might seriously damage your brake rotors. The brake pad service is essential to keep your brake pad in excellent shape and prevent costly brake rotor replacement.

Brake Replacement

Brake systems will ultimately need replacement even with excellent care. A high-pitched squeal, vibration on pressing down on your brake and changes in the car’s reaction to pressure on your brake pedals are all warning signs of worn-out brakes. Rather than waiting for these signs which would otherwise compromise your safety, regular brake inspection will help determine the best time to replace your brakes. These days, cars have an automatic brake system that aids its drivers. This also another added safety features in new model cars.

The above brake services are sure to keep your car in top shape. Ensure you always get them maintained at auto shops with qualified mechanics. Also, have a regular shop for your repair services, doing this accustoms them to your car. Getting your brake maintenance services anywhere else will compromise your car’s safety and hasten the wearing out of the braking system.