Training: Creating Value and Opportunity

Dental Practitioners

As a practice principal, it’s quite a responsibility to ensure all staff maintain hours of CDP. 100 hours CPD every 5 years for dentists is a high target in amongst the busy-ness of running a business, especially if it’s a small team. However, CDP doesn’t need to be a burden. In fact, it can bring added value, renewed interest and engagement from staff. Since the GDC requirements must be met, it’s important to invest in training that will bring a range of added value to any dental clinic, ensuring everyone enjoys Dental CPD. In Watford, London and Birmingham, it is possible to access this standard of CPD in centres such as Wisbora Conferences.

What’s on offer

In Watford, Dental CPD covers a range of topics that support day to day practice through to compliance with NHS regulations. Careful selection of these courses by the attendee can fully enrich working practice as well as top up learning and understanding. Since training is highly interactive, CPD courses such as these are also great network and learning opportunities.

Areas of interest for CPD include:

• NHS Rules and Regulations
• Preparing for a CQC inspection
• Effective leadership/management
• Dental Accounting
• Dentist Income Protection
• Improving the practice’s private potential
• Core CPD
• Medical emergencies, hands on and BLS training
• Safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults’ level 2
• Complaints handling.

As anyone can see, refreshing, learning and bringing back training to the dental practice would certainly bring value. Customer service is at the forefront of increasing patient satisfaction and therefore attendance rates. Whilst understanding accounting and income protection develops core systems and provides smooth running to any business.

More seemingly ‘sterile’ subject matter such as CQC inspection and training in NHS Rules and Regulations can be brought to life and therefore be vastly more effective and easy to apply if attending CPD in Watford. Educational research has proven that a mix of learning formats enables retention of information, which is why CPD courses often comprise experts in the field, presentations, lecture and interactive learning.

When selecting courses for CPD, it’s good to remember that with good quality comes added value and long-term retention of information.