Top 3 Tools For Drywall Installation and Repair

Man doing a drywall installationDry walls are a common fixture in modern household constructions. They’re relatively cheaper than most materials and maintaining them is generally easy. Because of this, most people tend to turn drywalling into a do-it-yourself project. It helps to always ask a professional for help especially if you have a fairly large project, but if you do feel you’re up to the task have you’ll need some choice tools and equipment.

Drywalling can be a difficult job; according to, it is better to always use the right tools so that you work smarter, not harder. For simpler tasks like erasing bumps and cracks, you should be able to do that yourself. If you do choose to handle your own drywall or plaster projects, there are a few essential tools you will need to get the job done. Here are a few common tools for anybody working with drywalls.

Utility Knives

You’re going to need a sharp knife to score or cut your materials and this is your best tool for the job. These types often have a handle hiding a blade so that only a small part is exposed at any time. These cheap tools can have a price varying from a dollar to $15, but their quality is almost always the same.

Drywall Knives

Perhaps one of the things you will need as drywall plastering tools are drywall knives. No, you cannot just use any other utility knife for this job because these knives are specialised. They come in a variety of sizes and it’s best to get one of each. You can go for the expensive ones if you’re conscientious and clean your tools regularly, but gunk tends to build up during regular jobs and it’s much easier to dispose of old ones and buy new ones whenever you need to.


Fastening new drywalls used to be done with a hammer or nail but this can damage the whole wall. Most professionals these days make use of a hand held drill to screw in the needed pieces securely and quickly. If you value convenience, you can never do wrong owning one of these handy tools. Installing and/or maintaining a drywall is a cinch compared to most other DIY projects and they’re only made easier with the right tool for the right job.