Three Practical Reasons to Visit Batam

Beautiful IslandLong weekends rarely happen. Some catch up on rest at home, while other maximise this short time to tick an item off their bucket list. If you want to include a new place on your must-visit bucket list and you are eager for an adventure, then Batam, Indonesia might be the place to go to. shares a few reasons Batam is worth visiting:

  1. Away from the city

The fast-paced city life in Singapore can tire people out. Take a break from the concrete jungle and appreciate the beauty of nature in Batam. Connect with nature by exploring the seas with the help of local fishermen. Go from one island to another on foot. Three islands are connected by a bridge so you can just technically hope from one to another. If you are the type who can’t be away from civilisation even for a second, Batam shopping centres are also worth visit. Have cheap, but quality finds to bring back home.

  1. The food

Cheap and fresh seafood. Who would say no to that? Almost every restaurant in Batam, from the city centre to the outskirts, can offer you different kinds of dishes all made with fresh ingredients. Indonesian delicacies like otah and kueh lapis can be hoarded and brought home.

  1. Accessible

An hour ferry ride from Singapore’s Harbourfront Centre terminal can get you to Batam’s Centre Ferry Terminal. You can ask your hotel to pick you up from the port or hire a taxi (though a bit costly) to get you to your destination. You can get a cab, rent a car or use their local public bus to get you from one place to another easily.

These three reasons are not enough to give justice to the beauty of Batam as an island. Experience the beauty of the place and give yourself that long overdue vacation you deserve in Batam.