This Is Why a Swiss CNC Machine Is the Better Choice for Small Parts

Swiss CNC Machine and workerDo you plan on running some workpieces on your Swiss CNC (or Computer Numerical Control) Machine? If these workpieces are quite small and complex, worry no more. Gone are the days when you’d prefer to use Swiss machines only for large and long workpieces. Now, using Swiss-type turning on small workpieces may also achieve great results.

A Closer Look at Swiss CNC Machines

A Swiss CNC machine is a type of lathe. Like any conventional lathe, it features a headstock. But, unlike conventional lathes, a Swiss machine’s headstock is not fixed. Rather, it can move around as the user sees fit.

You will find that a movable headstock is a pro, especially for small workpieces. Because you can give support to the small workpieces with a movable headstock, the Swiss machines can also work precisely. This means the machine will guide the workpieces and stop them from deflecting.

What Work Pieces Are “Small”?

Check out the size of your workpieces. You can tell if they are small workpieces just by looking at them. You can say they are small if no two of those pieces are larger than your palm. Particularly, if they are around 1.25” (in diameter), you have small workpieces in your hands.

The Heart of the Machine

What makes a Swiss CNC Machine extraordinary when it comes to small workpieces is guide bushing – or as many people would consider it, the heart of the Swiss machine. With guide bushing and a movable headstock, the device can move the workpieces into proper directions. This lets the small workpieces stay in their position – where the machine would hold them very tightly.

Conclusion: Better Off with Swiss CNC Machines

You may not need to think twice about the capability of Swiss CNC Machines when it comes to handling small workpieces. A praise-worthy feature of these Machines is the movable headstock. With the particular feature, you can handle those workpieces precisely. You can reduce cycle times, too.