This is How Sugar Destroys Your Child’s Teeth and What to Do About It

The diet of toddlers these days contain more sugar than they actually need. If you let your kids eat too many sweets, it just adds up to the sugar that’s already in their snacks and juices. Midjersey Smiles, a pediatric dental clinic in Old Bridge, New Jersey believes that limiting the sugar intake of your children can help prevent dental problems. First, here’s a look at how the sugar battle happens in your kids’ mouth:

The Battle for Sugar

Milk, ice cream, Twinkies, and juices all contain sugar that the germs and bacteria in the mouth feed on for energy. When they break down this sugar, it turns into an acid that eats through the enamel of your child’s teeth and causes cavities and other dental problems. Imagine how much damage can happen in your child’s mouth if they don’t brush well, or if they don’t brush at all.

What You Can Do About It

You don’t have to totally deprive your child of eating lollipops and ice cream, but don’t give them sweets every day either. If they’re used to eating something sweet during or after a meal, try giving them natural sweets like fruits.

Oddly enough, many children like eating fruits with savory dishes. Try adding pieces of banana or mango to meats and grains. Let them snack on strawberries and cherries. You can give them chocolate, ice cream, or candies on special occasions, but still in moderation. Educate them on why sugar is bad for them and what can happen to their teeth if they ate a lot of it.

Controlling a child’s sugar intake, especially if it’s been part of their meal routine, can be challenging and will take patience from any parent. Think about the pain it can cause your child if you don’t do it and that’ll give you the motivation to wean them off sweets.