The Uses and Benefits: Uterine Manipulator

Undergoing surgery

Modern medicine has dramatically changed with the creation of many different types of devices. These devices make the lives of doctors and other medical professionals easy especially in accomplishing procedures that would not be possible without such equipment and tools.

Today, people are healthier because doctors use tools that are easy to use and control. For example, when it comes to women’s health, the procedures are safer and more effective.

Aids in Women’s Health Procedures

Gynecologists use many tools to help women keep their health. When it comes to surgical procedures, one of the tools gynecologists and surgeons use is the uterine manipulator. This device is used in laparoscopic colorectal surgery and many other procedures. The tool has made these procedures more effective and more manageable.

A uterine manipulator allows a surgeon to position the uterus for a safe and effective hysterectomy. The instrument creates clear visibility of the critical surgical targets; in this case, the uterus. The tool allows for safe mobility of the uterus from the pelvic wall.

What Surgeons Look for in a Uterine Manipulator

For many doctors, a uterine manipulator should be affordable and easy to use. A good manipulator should allow the surgeon to inject liquids into the uterine cavity. All of these help in making procedures less invasive and painful.

Many devices used balloon-inflated tips, while others had affixed curves to help flex the uterus. Some manipulators, including the tenaculum-free types, have attached curves in their shafts to assist in flexing the uterus.

Medical devices are critical because these enable doctors to do a job that is much easier than before. Many procedures are now simpler and safer for physicians and patients. These devices are now saving lives and extending the lives of many women.