The Top 3 Lucrative Careers

IT Professional

IT ProfessionalWhat did you want to be when you were young? If you were like most kids, you might have dreamt of becoming an athlete, a doctor, or a teacher. Maybe you didn’t know yet what career path you wanted take, just like many other kids. But as you move closer to the college life, your uncertainty shrinks so you consider several options that reflect your interests.

Here is a short list, with three of the world’s best paying jobs to nudge you in the right direction.

1. Information Technology Professionals

It’s the digital age, and IT professionals join the ranks of the well-paid set. Data scientists, big data engineers, and network security engineers will see a spike in salaries this year. The IT fields of security, Web development, and software development will also experience salary growth.

An undergraduate program in IT should open up plenty of opportunities, and further studies with master’s degree programs should help you secure a higher position in top companies.

2. Finance Professionals

All the hard work you put toward math will pay off in the future. With a head for numbers, you will be one of many who will own the job market. You can study to become an accountant and get certification to benefit from the 30% job growth in 10 years. You can also consider a career as a financial advisor, analyst, an actuary, or mathematician.

3. Psychology

Mental health professionals will see a 19% job growth in the next 10 years, which is higher than the average. If you take up a bachelor’s degree and move on with a master’s degree, you gain more opportunities. You can open up a private practice or work in a university setting. You can see patients and conduct research. You can consult for government agencies and corporations. The bottom line is you have numerous opportunities in this field.

The job market evolves. It pays to know which careers are in demand to determine your ideal course in college. Once you’ve made a decision, secure a lucrative career by honing your skills.