The Right Blend: The 1-2-3 Essentials of a Great Café

Café Experience

Café Experience in TaurangaCafes, since their rise to popularity decades ago, have become a byword for great places to enjoy treats and drinks and relax. Nothing beats a homey establishment that serves hot drinks and offers the best service overlooking a good view. Cafes are very popular in New Zealand, with the populace having a thing for the coffee culture the same way Australia does. This said, starting a café in locales such as Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty is not a bad idea. With the number of tourists coming to town, the pool of potential customers is huge. But what makes a great café? Here is a quick guide to the elements that make it so.

Interior Atmosphere

Cafes are first and foremost comfortable spaces for people to relax – for them to slow their pace and enjoy their drinks. To foment this relaxing atmosphere, the interiors have to be so that it induces a homey comfort. For starters, furniture such as cushioned chairs and couches make for great common room seats. The lighting and colors must work in tandem to create a calm vibe. Colors play a huge role in customer psychology, to wield this card well.

Treats and Drinks

A café would not be a café if it did not serve drinks and treats. Deck the menu with a selection of beverages ranging from coffee to tea and juice. As a café though, your main product should be coffee. The coffee itself is a vast province of beverage such that there are many flavors to choose from. Make sure you have more than a few so customers can take their pick. Varieties can also be served cold, to it would be handy to have an ample supply of crushed ice in the fridge. Moving on from beverages, cafes also typically serve treats such as baked goods, confection and sometimes even full meals. Explore the possibilities.

Service and Theme

Cafes are noted for their great service. This said, make sure you and your staff have the basics of hospitality and café management mastered. But more than treating the customers as guests and friends, a great way for service to ramp up is to implement a café theme. A theme gives your business an identity. It can be anything from a fisher’s lodge to an art gallery. Find one that works for you and your target market. It is sure to elevate the café experience of your customers.

The coffee culture is strong in New Zealand. Take advantage of that and start your homey little café soon!