Styling Tools: 3 Ways You Can Increase Their Usability

Styling Tools

The lifespan of styling tools depends on how well they’re maintained. That means that a hairdresser may nullify the need for the constant purchase of new styling tools by taking good care of his current ones. The condition of the tools also has an impact on customer satisfaction. That’s because the tools determine how well and efficiently you can complete a styling task.

Oiling of Styling Tools

It’s crucial to ensure that all tools that possess moving components are well oiled. For example, hair cutting scissors should always be oiled at their joints. Oiling protects moving parts from wearing out, which improves their operational lifespan. Oiling also makes the scissors to slide smoothly, reducing the strain on your fingers. Take care of yourself by taking care of your styling tools.

Cleaning Hair Brushes

Everyone loses a considerable amount of hair every day. That means that it’s likely for combs and hair brushes to be clogged with hair. A clogged hairbrush isn’t only inefficient but also gives a bad appearance of your salon. To avoid that, remove the hair follicles and then wash the combs with hot water to sanitise them.

Cleaning Razors and Blades

Caution must be taken when cleaning blades to avoid possible injuries. Due to the nature of their work, the best way to clean blades is through sterilisation. It provides a good way of killing in present germs while maintaining their sharpness. The use of water and other chemicals may result in corrosion, which would limit their lifespan.

The way you maintain your styling tools determines how they serve you. It also determines how well you serve your clients. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your tools are always clean to guarantee your clients the best services.