Steps to Take for Better Office Waste Management


Some years back, green living was just a buzz phrase. That has changed now, as more people implement all sorts of ways to reduce the ecological footprint. Sustainable living also is no longer a reserve for homes.

Businesses and offices have embraced the idea and are enjoying the benefits. Proper waste management in the office can reduce landfill waste by as much as 80%. You can start the process this way:

Encourage recycling

An area where many offices have failed is in the use of waste bins. Many organizations use only one bin for all waste. Companies that offer waste management services in Utah recommend the use of multiple bins. At best, every staff member should have one. The waste management plan should consider the bin capacity vis-à-vis collection frequency.

Minimize printer usage

A bulk of office waste comes from the printer. In this digital age, it is possible to avoid some of the printing you do every day. Online tools such as Google Spreadsheets can help in reducing paper usage and eventual wastage. Where the printer must be used, try to use both sides of the paper and stick to black and white.

Create a team

Having an action plan and following it through helps in making the waste management program succeed. For organizations that are yet to create a green team, this is the time to do so. For the team to succeed, the following must happen:

  • Get management support,
  • Draw representatives from the different departments, and
  • The size of the team must be proportional to the size of the organization.

While preventing waste is the most desirable thing, it may not be feasible in the office environment. Your waste management ideas can yield much fruits through proper planning and follow-up. Boast office waste management efforts in brochures, regular updates of successes, and definitely, awards to the most compliant members.