Speed vs. Function: Tyres For Your Unique Needs

Car WheelsEven if all tyres are made of rubber and some other components to improve the rubber’s qualities, they are not all the same.

Riding for speed

Those who love to floor the gas pedal are more likely to choose a tyre with better traction and resistance to hydroplaning, which is when water on the road forms a thin film that reduces or eliminates traction and makes the vehicle slip. The experts at tuffstuffaustralia.com.au say that the grooves on a tyre are responsible for whisking the water away as fast as possible to prevent hydroplaning.

The drawback of most tyres built for high performance is their lack of longevity. When a tyre is built for speed and grip, the chances are high that the durability and resistance against punctures are pretty low. These tyres are also commonly lighter, which means they are not as thick as others built for other purposes.

So if you own a fast car and love the feel of performance tyres, just be ready to replace your tyres more often.

Riding for function

Other tyres are made for durability. For example, if you own a tractor or an earthmover, you cannot expect to find tyres built for performance that can work on or even fit your vehicle. Such vehicles need puncture resistant tyres, as trucks and similar vehicles are known for their weight. These vehicles would be driven on just about any terrain, such as muddy farms and construction areas. Without the resistance to punctures, your earth mover will need replacements every time it rolls over a nail.

Off-road vehicles need a balance between resistance to punctures and comfort. Such tyres must be durable enough to withstand the punishment of mud, rocks, sand, stones, or any terrain the driver chooses to take the vehicle. The modern SUV or truck, however, is no longer limited to just the tough jobs; it should be just as comfortable on city streets. Your tyres should be comfortable and strong on the grip.

There are different tyres for just about every purpose: vehicle type, weight and size; performance and function; weather, etc. Choosing the right ones for your purpose and your budget is important to make sure your vehicle will perform to its optimum level.