Singapore’s Sentosa: an Island of Attractions

A lot of people see Asia as a worthy tourist destination, and it is for a good reason. It has tourist sites that offer affordable airfare, as well as diverse cultural traditions and cuisines. One place that stands out would be Sentosa in Singapore. It has features ranging from amusement rides, museums, and animal interactions. Here’s a closer look at why tourists love visiting the island.


Merlion Park in Sentosa has continued to attract visitors ever since it first opened in 2002.  Its famed Merlion statue has been featured heavily in media for years now, especially since it is said to be the national personification of Singapore. The fish-lion hybrid symbolises the land’s humble origin as a fishing village, as well as the ideals of courage and strength.
Amusement Rides

Another Sentosa feature would be amusement rides, courtesy of several theme parks situated at various parts of the island. For example, Universal Studios has outdoor rides and attractions for anyone, while KidZania Singapore has indoor role-playing activities for children.


As with any island tourist spot, Sentosa also offers swimming activities for guests. Notable examples include Adventure Cove Waterpark, which has slides that lead to pools for groups that want to swim together. There are also dolphin interactions for those who wish to encounter and swim with these marine mammals.


Lastly, museums are also worth visiting on the island since they offer one-of-a-kind attractions. Maddam Tussauds is a wax museum that showcases replicas of celebrities, whether they’re living or deceased. Guests can pose for pictures alongside these replicas.

Overall, Asia has several destinations for tourists who want to explore the continent. One notable place is Sentosa Island, which powers Singapore’s tourism figures. Be it wax museums, swimming activities, amusement rides or landmarks, Sentosa has what guests may be looking for.