Singapore Wins Tourism Spending in the Asia-Pacific

Singapore landmark Merlion with sunriseInternational tourists flock to Singapore every year. In fact, Channel News Asia reports that around 15.2 million tourists visited the country in 2015 alone. These visits also come with generous spending.

Tourists Spend US$254/day in Singapore

Data from the Mastercard Asia Pacific Destinations Index 2017 shows that international tourists spend the most in Singapore among Asia-Pacific countries in 2016. They spent a total of US$15. 4 billion or $21.5 billion last year, with an average spending of US$254 per day.

This level of expenditure boosts Singapore’s economy since it provides the hospitality and tourism management sector with a lot of jobs for its citizens and even foreign nationals.

Singapore Edges Bangkok and Tokyo

Singapore beats out Bangkok (US$12.7 billion) and Tokyo (US$11.1 billion) for the top spending spot. The Thai capital, however, drew the most visitors last year with 19.3 million tourists. Singapore was the second most-visited with 13.1 million people. Tokyo, coming in third, welcomed 12.6 million tourists.

A Jam-Packed Tourist Destination

Tourists cannot deny Singapore’s charm. In fact, Mastercard Singapore official Deborah Heng states that the city-state’s many leisure offerings – from tourist attractions to unique retail experiences – is mostly responsible for the 18 per cent growth of tourist expenditure in the country. Its small area also ensures that tourist attractions and activities are very close to each other, making travel easier.

Regional and International Travel Hub

Singapore also continues to be a regional and international travel hub, both as an origin and feeder city. With Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines in their stable, local authorities are passionate about promoting the country as a choice stopover. Chinese and Indonesian visitors currently account for the most arrivals in Singapore.

Despite its humble land area, Singapore remains a top tourist destination for international tourists because of its first-class vacation offerings.