Signs Your House Needs Foundation Repairs

Regardless of how beautiful your home is, it will only be as strong as its foundation. Foundation issues are many, ranging from cracked walls to water seeping in through cracks and many more.

To avoid dealing with reactive foundation issues, it’s important you learn how to detect foundation problems early enough. Here are the major warning signs of foundation problems.

Visible cracks

Any visible cracks either in the interior or exterior of your home is a clear sign of foundational fault. Keep an eye on any cracking the basement floor or even in the concrete slab. Be on the look-out for stair step cracks if you have brickwork in your home.

Additionally, Tree Fellers notes that vertical cracking in the walls that seem to be getting wider could be an indicator of a rotating wall. Also, watch out for trees with big root systems since they are likely to weaken your houses foundation. If you have such a tree near your house, hire the services of tree removal in Tauranga and get rid of the tree.

Uneven floors

A slanted floor is another indicator of settling. You can hire a contractor to check this using laser lines, tap measures and levels. An inspection should happen in different locations from the midsections, to along the walls and to the exterior walls.

Although uneven floors is not always a warning sign of settling, it can be a confirmatory indicatory. Sometimes, uneven floors are as a result of joists or sagging beams.

Other common signs:

  • Gaps between the ceiling and the crown moulding
  • When the patio pulls away from your house
  • Creased wallpaper and wrinkles
  • Bowed basement walls
  • Gaps between windows or doors and caulking
  • When the windows and doors don’t shut and open like they used to

Although foundation repair is not something homeowners worry about every day, it’s a necessary part of best home maintenance practices. When you address minor foundation repairs early, you end up saving thousands of dollars you use repairing major foundation problems.