Say Goodbye to Pain: Use Scrambler Therapy

Woman experiencing wrist pain

Pain that comes from injury or disease can affect the life of any person. Work or school performance will also be affected. Relationships and finances may also suffer. Of course, the patient will have to endure the pain and effects on physical activities or capabilities. These make pain management extremely important.

Pain Management Alternative

Pain management has largely involved the use of opioids, but too much dependence on pain-managing drugs has also led to abuse or addiction. With such a risk in opioid-based pain management, what alternatives do you have to treat your condition? The Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, as well as other facilities that offer pain management services, welcome the idea of undergoing the non-invasive and opioid-free treatment called Scrambler Therapy.

The Brain and Pain

The Scrambler Therapy retrains your brain to respond differently to pain. Your brain sends signals to pain nerves to tell them when the injury or condition remains and when healing is complete. Sometimes, however, even after healing, the brain continues to send signals to pain nerves, which causes chronic pain.

How Scrambler Therapy Works

The Scrambler Therapy uses electrodes placed on the region of the injury or condition. The therapy device then sends electrical signals to your brain through the electrodes. These signals aim to correct your brain’s pain signals to help it recognize the completion of healing in the injured or affected region.

Proven Effectiveness

Studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of the therapy. These studies have provided results that prove the positive effects of the treatment. Today, the FDA approves of the therapy, and you can receive Scrambler Therapy in Boise, Idaho. A pain care clinic in the city can help you with your pain management using this therapy.

With the availability of an alternative treatment to manage pain, you can now live a life without chronic pain. Talk to a therapist to learn what Scrambler Therapy is and what you can expect from the treatment, as well as other important details, such as cost and duration of treatment.