Salespeople Are Not As They Appear To Be

a sales lady

People often make incorrect assumptions about salespeople. Being a sales manager isn’t as easy as it sounds. Being extroverted doesn’t mean that one will immediately be good at sales, and salespeople aren’t easily replaced by machines and AI tools.

Being Both Manager and Seller

It isn’t so easy for a salesperson to become a sales manager. Sales managers have to serve two demanding groups: the executives above and the salespeople under them.

There is also a divide in terms of their desired goals. A sales person will focus more on individual achievement while managers will work for the interests of the group.

Those interested in developing sales management skills can attend training sessions with companies like The Friedman Group. It is important that companies be careful not to lose great salespeople by turning them into mediocre managers. Otherwise, both the customers and the company will suffer losses.

Being an Extroverted Sales Person

Another common misconception about salespeople is that they should be outgoing, energetic, and fast-talking extroverts. Good salespeople, however, should be the best listeners. They should be more curious and inclined to ask probing questions to learn more about their customers.

By this logic, mildly shy introverts may actually be better salespeople.

Sellers need to be able to navigate the line between firm aggressiveness and over-the-top pushiness in their determination to solve the concerns of their customers.

Being Replaced by Machines

Is the internet eliminating the need for salespeople? The age of digital commerce and the use of AI tools have changed the buying behavior by widening customer reach and increasing efficiency and speed in dealing with customers.

However, AI cannot address human necessities like that of touch and interaction. They are unable to build a relationship with the client and do not have the capacity to understand the position of the buyer at an emotional level.

Only people can recognize and infer a potential buyer’s wants and needs based on things like the buyer’s tone and body language.

In order to have a full appreciation of the sales profession, you must rise above these misconceptions and work towards understanding the nuances and requirements of an effective salesperson.