Roofers: Modern Scientists

House Insulation

House InsulationRoofs take most of their appeal from the quiet simplicity and effectiveness of their design. What most people don’t realise is that roof technology is actually quite complicated. The process is so complex that anyone considering roofing as a career option needs to pack a calculator, because there will be maths involved.

Finding the R

One of the best examples to illustrate this point is the R-value of insulation. Roofs don’t just have to protect people from physical threats; these need to work as shields from the non-physical ones such as temperature. Perth WA roofing contractors from explained that the R-value is the measure of a roof’s thermal resistance.

in uniform conditions, contractors can use the formula

R=∆T/Q ̇A,

wherein Q ̇A is equal to the heat transfer per unit area and per unit time. There are different ways to express the R-value, because it deals with both energy and space. Fortunately, most countries use SI units to express the R-values of their roofs. The most common being square-metre Kelvin per watt, or


Overhead Dam

Contractors can increase or decrease the R-values of their products by using materials of different thickness. Imagine temperature as a rushing river and the roof is a dam; the thicker the dam, the less water goes through to the house. Calculating how thick a dam needs to become to keep out the needed amount of temperature is what the R-value is for.

Aging Value

The R-value is not a figure that’s set in stone, though, as the number depends on the integrity of the material the contractors used to build the roof. If the material starts to degrade, the R-value will deteriorate accordingly. The most common remedy to avoid this is by closely packing the loose spaces that appear when a roof begins to show its age.

Installing roofs may seem like a crude profession, but there’s a good amount of science involved in making sure everyone has a quality roof over their heads.

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