Reportage Photography: When Wedding Photos Tell a Story

Photographer taking a photo of the newly wed couple

One of the rising trends in wedding photography that’s very popular in Utah is the reportage style. Most couples choose this because, at its core, it captures an elusive art that’s often lacking in wedding photos: story-telling.

The Story of Your Big Day

You’re probably all too familiar with the classic wedding photos where the bride and groom, together with their families, stand side by side and then pose for a camera in front. It’s literally the point-and-shoot, firing-squad style. While it’s the easiest way to get everyone in one photo, it’s one of those traditional wedding images that’s easily forgotten, precisely because there’s nothing remarkable about it.
Reportage photography is the opposite of this. It’s a style that focuses on candidness and spontaneity, instead of staged or dramatically stylized shots. It captures an event that tells a story: a groom in tears at the sight of his bride at the end of the aisle, a flower girl yawning, or the father of the bride laughing with mouth wide open while dancing at the reception. This is the kind of photography experts from JayLynn Studios in Salt Lake City experts say that makes couples relive that warm, love-filled day.

A Style That Suits Couples

Most couples choose the reportage photography, not just because of the candid moments captured and the story it tells, but because of its sheer convenience. This is especially true for brides and grooms who are not that confident in front of the camera. It’s often intimidating to realize that you’ll be photographed all day.

Reportage photography does none of these, simply because they’re blending in with the crowd to catch moments when people are aware and when emotions are so raw. With photographers minding the art of storytelling without bugging you, you could enjoy your special day and not worry about not having the best photos because you feel like you didn’t pose right.