Reasons You Have to Start Recycling Used Oil

Oil Recycling

Usage of petroleum products covers many facets of modern living from the production of medicines to running motor vehicles. While we are still racing towards finding sustainable alternatives, we cannot totally do away with petroleum products despite their scientifically proven environmental effects.

They remain invaluable, and the least we could do is find ways to maximise their lifespan. Used oil recycling is one practical method that could cater to this purpose.

But before you call for vacuum truck hires or used oil collectors, read this first. If you are new to the concept of used oil recycling, here are reasons to convince you of its importance.

Used Oil Recycling Limits Improper Disposal

Toxic substances like lead, cadmium, zinc, and benzene are all in used motor oil. In cases of improperly disposed of used oil, these substances find their way to surrounding bodies of water and soil.

For every gallon of oil released into a water supply, you compromise the taste and safety of a million gallons of drinking water. Meanwhile, in instances of soil pollution due to used oil contamination, the result is reduced soil productivity.

The Processes Involved in Oil Extraction Are Damaging to the Environment

Although recycling your used oil does not equate to eventual stoppage of oil extraction, in doing so, you are at least able to reduce your individual carbon footprint.

Maximising the lifespan of extracted oil is one way for you to acknowledge the fact that the environment had to go through all those fracking and drilling assaults so that you could fuel your car.

Oil Spills

The process of extracting oil supply from the ocean floor, and transporting this supply to end users, has resulted to some of history’s biggest oil spills. Not only do oil spills cause lasting effects on ocean ecosystems, but they also constitute immense economic wastage.

Recycling your used oil means you acknowledge the concerns mentioned above and are committed to doing your part. Although it is a small act in the grander scheme of things, it nonetheless matters.