Reasons for Celebration: How the World Commemorates Important Events

Silver coins

Silver coinsFor centuries, there have been many events worth remembering. This is the reason different countries all over the world exert some effort to commemorate something that has contributed greatly to the progress or history of a nation. There are many ways that countries do to pay homage to significant parts of different stories.


Many of today’s major events provide their guests a giveaway to remember the event or organiser. This is an idea that companies took from huge activities or celebrations that nations observe.

Memorabilia are quite a common choice when it comes to paying tribute to history. A great example is the existence of different silver and gold coins. When people buy silver bullion, many simply think of it as a hedge for inflation, but in reality, it is something that has played an important role in history.

The Krugerrand from South Africa, for one, is a testament to the country’s history with their former president Paul Kruger, the tumultuous story of apartheid, and their national symbol: the springbok. The United Kingdom’s Sovereign played a role in history as well; it is part of the efforts of the British government to stabilise the economy following the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars.

Events and Holidays

Some of the biggest events in the world are because of important episodes in the past. Many governments see it fit to hold an area-wide occasion to commemorate significant bits of history. As an example, consider the UK’s Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes’ Night. The event is actually a form of thanksgiving for the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605, which threatened the life of King James I.

This is also the reason Christmas counts as a bank holiday, as it is a global phenomenon. The same logic applied to St. David’s Day. Though not a holiday, it remains a significant part in the lives of the area’s residents. The impact of the occasion and its history plays an important role in how people commemorate it.

The largest events in the world often have their own historical significance. It is important to look back and know the story behind every collectible, event, or holiday to completely understand the meaning and the reason for it.