Pomsky Training: Bite, Whine, and Basic Obedience

Cute little Pomsky puppy tilting her head, sitting on a purple background with pink roses and rose petals around her.

You can get your own designer breed dog from a breeder who has Pomsky puppies that are available for adoption. Pomskies come from purebred Pomeranian and Husky parents, and they are among the most popular designer breeds. In fact, some Pomskies have even become Internet sensations because of their cuteness. Your own Pomsky can be unbearably cute too, but you still have to train it up right to keep it from becoming an annoyance.

Keep these things in mind before you even look for Pomsky puppies for adoption:

Posmky Personality

Pomskies boast intelligence, curiosity, and high energy, allowing them to respond well to training. They have a headstrong characteristic as well, but this requires you to be consistent with training.

Bite Prevention

When you have other dogs, having your Pomsky play and fight with them will be able to teach your new family member how to bite playfully. You can also play with your Pomsky and allow it to bite a knuckle. Playful bites will be fine, but painful bites require immediate action or medical intervention. Discipline your pup immediately after it hurts you.

Whine Prevention

After bite training, you can then train your Pomsky to stop whining when left alone. When your pup whines, you can respond only after a long period. You can place your puppy in a crate and go away. When your pup whines again, give it quite some time before you return to it. Repeat the training until your Pomsky stops whining.

Basic Obedience

The next order of training involves obedience. You can teach your pup to follow basic commands. Reward-based training becomes integral here. Praise your dog and give her a treat every time it follows your command. As the training continues, you can slowly take away the treats while keeping the praise.

You can learn other training approaches online. A Pomsky puppy can be especially cute when it obediently follows commands.