Plumbing & Your Health: What is the Connection?

Plumbing SystemsAre you aware that there's a World Plumbing Council (WPC) and a World Plumbing Day, which is on March 11 every year? The aim of these two is to celebrate the milestones attained in this 2000-year-old industry and find ways to face its existing challenges. The lack of basic plumbing systems is among the causes of disease and death in many parts of the world. Even in Denver, it is important to understand the link between health and plumbing.

Food Safety

Recently, Denver health inspectors closed a Park Hill restaurant for their lack of proper commercial plumbing. This was a reminder to entrepreneurs that plumbing and food safety are inseparable. Denver has food safety regulations that everyone, including plumbers, must follow. Specifically, they should ensure all plumbing fixtures are installed according to the laid down codes.

Maintenance of Hygiene

The role of Denver, CO plumbers in maintaining hygiene is critical. Plumbers need to be aware of the importance of separating sanitation and fresh water. Training and experience come in handy during natural disasters like floods. When such events cut off water and sanitation access, remediating the situation can be difficult if the plumbers have no clue about the type of systems to restore.

Health Care Provision

If asked about plumbing and healthcare, you would probably think of fresh and wastewater delivery. While these are important areas of plumbing in healthcare facilities, a plumber plays a critical role in other areas too. Only a well-trained plumber can provide the kind of services needed in a healthcare scenario without endangering life.

Take some time to think about the crucial role played by plumbers in many facets of the lives of Denver residents. Life would be a mess if there were no professional plumbers to take care of matters in restaurants, hospitals, and many other places where health is at stake.