Now I Have a Psychology Degree, What’s Next for Me?

Young people at work Psychology is now one of the more popular courses for students these days. However, apart from being a professional psychologist, where does your Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and formal training in understanding human behaviour fit in the job market?

Career Options

Job recruiters prefer a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology when a job involves direct interaction with one or a group of people. Some of the most well-paid and respectable jobs that prefer psychology graduates are the following:

Career Counselling

Helping people make the right career decision is a job that requires understanding the skills and mindset of individuals. Owing to their formal training in understanding the human mind, psychologists are the most the preferred candidates for the job.


Schools prefer to hire psychology graduates for this role. Educational psychologists work in tandem with teachers and parents to facilitate the process of learning in children.

Mental Health Industry

Most clinical treatment regimens for patients with mental health problems involve several approaches to pharmaceutical drugs and counselling sessions with a trained mental health psychologist. Moreover, the rising number of people with anxiety issues and depression has made psychologists in demand.

Occupational Psychologist

The mental stress associated with corporate jobs has necessitated the appointment of an occupational psychologist in almost all business organisations. The job entails understanding and resolving the psychological issues of employees.

Social Services

The role of psychology in social services is key in understanding the psychological conditions of those who are marginalised in society. They help identify key problems in their social and personal lives.

For many people these days, psychology is more than a course or study. It is a way to help individuals understand themselves and their role according to their individual skills and preference.