Making the Most of Your ID Card


If you need an ID card for an event, conference, or even for your business, your employees may need to have their ID photo taken. If you want your ID photos to be similar in quality, resolution, and style, you should find a printer who can provide you with such services.

Find a Good ID Maker and Supplier

Make sure you are working with the best supplier of personal identification products. Nothing could disappoint more than substandard printer systems. For the best photo ID in New Zealand, look for a company that offers the following printing features.

Double or Single?

If you intend to print on both sides of your ID card, ask the printing company if they have dual-sided or duplex printers. This allows you to print in monochrome or colour IDs.

Smart or Magnetic?

If you need magnetic strips for your card, the ID printing manufacturer needs to have a magnetic stripe encoder on their printer. These magnetic strips have encoded data that could store essential information about the ID user.

But if you want more information stored in an ID card, you can ask for a smart card ID with a memory chip. Many card companies now offer smart card options, but always inform the ID printing company to include this upfront.

Make Them Look Great

Finally, nothing makes a better ID picture than a great staff looking great for their photo. A high-quality photo will make people wear their ID card with pride.

An excellent ID card depends significantly on the printing company and the kind of card you want for your event or business. Choose the right ID printing company that offers all of these features.