Learning with the Lions

The Lion City

The Lion CityTrue to its moniker as “The Lion City”, Singapore has begun to emerge on the global scene as one of the Asian countries that have distinct progress. Not only does Singapore have a strong business and economic sector, but its education system is also at par with the best that the world has to offer. With over 30 universities opening its doors to students from different backgrounds, the country definitely values the education of its youth.

Academic Excellence

Singapore’s educational institutions are centres for academic excellence, and the statistics prove it. In 2015, the country ranked fifteenth in the list of the best student cities, and it also placed high ranks in the global innovation and competitiveness scales for the previous year. This goes to show that along with the development of infrastructures and the nation’s business sectors, the education system is developing alongside it.

Diverse University Culture

As mentioned earlier, there are 34 universities in Singapore, six of which are national universities. These institutions are the ones that foster an environment that encourages its students to research and excel in their fields. In addition, many of the other universities in Singapore, like James Cook University Singapore, are partnered with other international universities, and they follow their curriculum and school year schedule. This contributes greatly to the quality of education that college students receive, as it allows them to learn about their chosen fields in perspectives other than those bound to the nation’s culture. Also, these kinds of universities allow the nation itself to broaden its scope, thus becoming more welcome to internationalization.

If you want to make the most out of your college education, consider applying for one of the many prestigious universities in this rising nation. Better yet, choose to apply into one of the universities supported by international institutions. That way, you can be assured that you are learning from experts in your chosen discipline, that you and your peers will be honed to the best of your potential, and that your college education is one of the best that Asia has to offer.