Jordan To Ban Smoking Despite Public Outrage

Jordan has announced its plans to implement a Western-style smoking ban in restaurants and other public places.

Daily tobacco users

Jordan To Ban SmokingThe ban would see the government invalidate the licenses of all cafes that offer shisha by the end of 2014.

Many people, however, are against the ban. They argue that it goes against the culture of the country where smoking is considered as a sign of manhood.

The World Health Organization 2013 estimates indicated that almost half of Jordan’s men smoke tobacco every day, while a third of young men do.

Jordan’s smoking culture

Jordan is a country where smoking is very popular. The pastime of smoking shisha is rooted in Jordanian culture from the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Mourners receive cigarettes at wakers, while companies only supplying hookahs have emerged across the country.

Health Minister Ali Hyasat, the person behind the implementation of the smoking ban, said the move was meant to “save lives, not businesses.”