It’s Fine to Splurge on These Wedding Elements

Groom And Bride Holding A Bouquet

Weddings are once in a lifetime event, so it is understandable that you want to splurge or go big. The reality is, however, you can’t have it all, and you will need to create a budget. The best thing that you can do is determine the most important wedding elements and allot a larger amount for this stuff, and then find opportunities to save for minor details.

Here are some of the wedding essentials where it is okay to splurge:


Wedding photos are the reminders of your and your spouse’s union. Photography companies in Salt Lake City note that it is not okay to just go with a family member who owns a good digital camera. Do your homework and find someone that matches your style and of your partner’s. You don’t need to hire the best wedding photography in town, but don’t hesitate to spend a little more.


You will be with your wedding dress and shoes for the rest of the event, so it important to find something that you love and feel comfortable wearing. It is also fine to splurge on alterations to make sure that the dress fits perfectly. You don’t necessarily need to wear designer shoes or dress, but make sure to invest in quality.

Pastry Chef/Baker

A passionate family baker is not always the right person to make your wedding cake. You need an experienced pastry chef or cake baker who can give you what you want. A pro will also ensure that the cake will not just look good, but also taste excellent. You can skip multiple layers and other expensive fondant designs for a lower cost.


There are many ways to control the cost of food and drinks. It is best to allot a bigger budget on entrées and hors d’oeuvres. You should also offer quality late-night snacks to keep the party or the event going. You can skip the open bar, as it is always expensive. Serve beer, wine, and some signature cocktails. When it comes to dessert, your cake should taste good, so you can skip other expensive desserts.

These are just some of the wedding elements where it is okay to splurge. The money you’ll spend, of course, will still depend on your available budget and how you want your celebration to look and feel like.