Is Your Mobile Platform Convenient for Online Shoppers?

Online shopping through the phone

What is secondary financing and how does it help in optimizing your online retail website? Experts like Vyze note that it turns out that providing customers with more ways to pay will be more important than ever.

In 2017, Americans spent $108 billion on online shopping during the holiday season, according to Adobe Analytics. The company attributed the record amount to more people using mobile phones and tablets.

Customer Experience

There are many reasons why your website fails to convert online traffic into sales. Customers usually change their mind and leave when your website takes a long time to load on their smartphones. By a long time, it means that website loading should ideally take less than three seconds. Cybersecurity also serves as another reason due to the proliferation of hacked accounts.

Another factor involves the need to create an account before closing a purchase. Not everyone has the time to do this, so their next logical option would be to find another retailer. Amazon knows this, which is why the company has been successful in dominating the online retail business.

Mobile Ownership

The importance of keeping an optimized site reflects the increasing number of smartphone owners in the U.S. Almost 80% of Americans have a mobile device and in the last six months, 62% of them used it to shop online.

Based on a MEF Mobile Money Report survey, more people would have bought something during this period, if not for deciding to cancel at the last minute. Even if they decide to finish the purchase, turning them into repeat customers remains a challenge. This is where a quick checkout feature such as Amazon’s 1-Click comes in handy.


Take a look at your website if it has any of the problems listed above. If you were a customer, would you buy something after browsing through the items for sale?