How to Care for Your Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots and beltWith the cowboy boots making headways in high fashion circles, there is no doubt that even male celebrities and other popular individuals would start wearing them to shoots and events. Cowboy boots are as ubiquitous as jeans!

However, your cowboy boots are not for tough wear. They may survive excessive foot activity, but with poor caring and storage, your new boots will not even last a week, and you will have to look for a sign that says, Shop: men’s cowboy boots for sale.

How to care for your cowboy boots properly

To keep your cowboy boots looking good as ever, proper cleaning and storage are keys. Use boot shapers when you are not wearing the boots, so they do not get creases. Keep them away from moldy areas.

After wearing your cowboy boots, make sure you remove dust and dirt from all its sides. Mud can form an unsightly crust near the soles, and streaks from puddles make your boots dirty. You do not have to wash your boots, though. Sometimes a wad of cotton or a slightly damp cloth is enough.

Never blow-dry your boots if they get wet. Simply leave your shoes to dry. Keep your Western footwear away from your beloved pets, too. This prevents your boots from getting scratched, bitten, or stained. Also, store your boots where they are not vulnerable to extreme heat, or leave them in areas near water.

Likewise, do not use soap and water on your boots. Instead, use non-alkaline leather cleaner, water, and a soft cloth to remove dust, mud, and dirt from your shoes.

Boots that last for years

Your boots will last for five years or more. However, you have to own up to the responsibility of cleaning your boots regularly and caring for them properly. Some boots do not come cheap; it is just right to take care of something you worked for and bought.

No pair is perfect, but with constant cleaning, they will end up in tip-top shape.