How the Aftermarket “Gray Market” Can Affect Your Collision Repair

Men talking about their car collisionThe last thing anybody wants after a bad collision is a bum repair. That is comparable to adding insult to injury, so to speak. Therefore, you should not take chances when repairing a badly damaged car. There’s just too much to risk, especially on account of. the rise in the “gray market” for aftermarket auto parts. Simply put, these are not certified, counterfeit auto parts used by a few garages who push such parts in the name of cost-cutting. It’s practically impossible to determine if a garage uses genuine part unless you ask for an extensive verification assurance. As such, be careful whom you choose to do the collision repair. You want to pick someone who can do the repairs to manufacturer standards, at the very least, urges motorists.

Extreme Precaution

A dependable collision repair company will ensure that they use genuine parts, combined with expert services. While counterfeit or reproduction aftermarket auto parts may be cheaper, good collision repairers know better than to use these – especially when it comes to the more critical components. Vehicle owners need to take the same strict stance when it comes to repair. Be stringent about who works on your collision repairs, but also be proactive about car damage. In South Dakota, a shop is currently dealing with a backlog of 400 cars that are in need of repair from hail damage. That’s an awful lot of vehicles, but those cars represent a large number of wise car owners. Any auto damage, hail or otherwise, worsens as time passes, and safety should come first – even if it means an unscheduled or unexpected trip to a repair shop.

What you do after an accident is crucial to your future safety on the road. It’s hard to get past a distressing incident, but a proper repair could be step one to normalcy.