Hiring Moving Van Rentals: Questions to Ask

Men carrying the boxes for the clientMoving is quite a tough job especially when you are doing all the work yourself. When home or office removals are too difficult to handle on your own, companies that provide moving van rentals are your best partners for the job. First off, do some research and find out what services your prospect company offers, how much it charges and how long the job might take. When talking to prospects, here is a list of questions to ask.

Questions to Ask:

Estimated Quote

Ask them whether they have fixed quote and how they want the payment made. Find out what costs will be added before the final tally is made. Also, ask whether they charge by the hour or day or the size of the job. It is important to find out because if there are delays, then the costs will go up a lot.


Some companies have many different vehicles to accommodate a client’s moving needs. You can check them out before hiring the movers to work for you. The condition of the van and the weight it can haul in one go should be considered. Depending on the size of the vehicle, you may have to make multiple trips to move completely.

Moving Team

Find out how many people will form the crew to help you move. If you are moving a very large household, then one man will not be able to handle the job on his own. Many companies in this business have their workers wear uniforms so that customers feel comfortable and assured that the team belongs to a registered business. Find out if you need to work with the crew to load and unload your goods.

Equipment and Other Services

Before you hire a moving crew to help with the move, find out if they use protective covers and specialised equipment to protect items. These companies usually sell packing materials too – buy from them to get a discount. They will be able to advise you on parking permits and restrictions in both areas – where you currently live and where you are going.

Make sure to check their insurance policy so that you are reimbursed for accidental damage to property. Find out if they have any referrals from previous customers and talk to the latter. This will give you a good idea of their competence and service quality.